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Very slow upload time

I’m trying to deliver an order with a size of 45MB but it takes forever. The blue bar fill very very slow and i don’t know why. Earlier this day it was a lot faster but almost at the end, the blue bar stopped and i had to cancel and reupload and now it’s taking forever


Are you by any chance using firefox?? Because on firefox I can’t upload even a 1kb file the issue is resolved when I use chrome.

Try from Chrome, as @phantompower said. And even with the “INCOGNITO” mode if possible. This might resolve the issue I think.

i’ve been using chrome but i will try using the Incognito mode and i let you know if it works. I even tried using internet explorer and it was the same.

I tried the incognito mode but the blue bar won’t even move either

This has become a huge problem for me, I upload 1 or two videos per day and the videos can range from 30mb to 200mb and it seems like most of the time is taken not by me doing the work of creating the videos but the long long long time it takes to upload to fiverr.

I Upload videos to YouTube often and I have started uploading the files to a secure external hosting website and then sending the customer a link to download the file because sometimes I watch the blue bar slooooooowly move up as it uploads and then it gets to maybe 90% and then starts again… back to 10% … Is it only me who is affected by the incredibly slow upload times?

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Never had problems uploading even very large files :woman_shrugging:
As soon as I got 1 and 2gb internet, files were uploading at the super speed no matter what browser, computer etc. (And of course with slower internet it was taking an eeeeeternity)
So I kind of doubt that it’s a fiverr website problem :thinking:


It’s not a problem with fiverr :smiley: It’s a problem with your ISP. Try resetting your router or modem <3


I have the same problem did you find an answer ?

Use chrome And Try again
I hope the issues will be solve…