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Very strange about gig

My 4 gigs keep online 9-12 hours a day, magic is, when i search from another computer for the services which I offered using same keywords, my gigs show no where be it offline or online. Given Facebook promotion to one of guys from fiver hoping to get some customers and paid 12 usd including gig fee but no luck. Either he/she did not work well or some issue with my gigs. I was told that that guys has 1 lack plus subscribers but got click only 5-6 no order rest clicks on my gigs are from mine. The guy to whom I paid, asking for 5 ratings. What my fellow seller your opinion about this? I checked one of the facebook link given by my that guy and in 2 days post was only 3 whereas it should be more than that.


I wouldn’t pay another seller to promote my gig… Why? Assuming someone has the ability to promote a service and guarantee some sales… I would expect this seller to be promoting their own service and getting multiple sales.

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Wow, that is a solid answer, so gigs who haven’t got a single order (specifically who claims that they can promote business for others and got 0 order on gig, worthless)?

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Definitely some issues with Fiverr algorithm. being honest, after going through many sellers profile, I observed, Fiverr has no interest checking on sellers’s soft skills at all.

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Does Fiverr know what is soft skill?

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Anybody answer about this?

I guarantee no one can answer this

Still waiting some input.

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Wow people really like avoid truth so let it be.

It’s not allowed to ask for any rating, or to mention rating/feedback/review at all, let alone ask for 5 stars.

Forum users are free to answer whatever they want, when they want. Nobody on the forum is obliged to give you an answer. And 7 posts in a row, all in less than1 hour, complaining you are not getting an answer when nobody is obliged to give you one in the first place, doesn’t speak well about your soft skills.

Wow, you observed well numbers of my posts, however, did not pay attention to my core question.

Sosft skill rules can be broken if needed.

Rating is was/is not my core question, did you even read my first post about this carefully? I do not think so.

No one respndeded including Fiverr, I knew its very hard but true.

Can anybody tell me why Fiverr does not show being online if one is onnline

If you type “online but showing offline” in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on the subject which you may find interesting.

Fiverr not willing to answer my question because they do not have it nor any sellers.

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