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Very Strange Accusations

So I had someone private message me on the forums. I won’t say who they are (even though I really want to, but they’ll know who they are. And I’m sure that some of you might even be able to figure out who it was by yourselves…)

They accused me of having fake reviews. Of course, I do not, but their evidence…

… I must confess, it is shockingly accurate.

And note that this user has NEVER ordered from me.

Someone gave you 3 stars others gave you 4.3 stars…One of your customers said you are incompetent and had to give up…
An intensive and careful investigation will be conducted because those 5 stars you have are fake…

Dang it. I’ve been busted. I have a range of reviews… so I have to be a scammer.

Sad thing is, they actually believe in it themselves.


Thats very strange, Like you work hard to reach to completion of the orders and some people call it fake.


Did your “someone” say who was going to conduct this investigation? :thinking:

Is your “somebody” someone who works for Fiverr? :scream:

Maybe a competitor that is trying to scare you! :thinking:



They’re rather blunt and ignorant. They don’t take on board what I am trying to say, they just reiterate… blah blah, scammer. Then they say “they know what I am going through.”

Going through what exactly?

So irritating. Grr.


Just ignore buddy, unless Fiverr contacts you directly don’t even look that way. Even if they did you have nothing to be afraid of. You tell the truth so don’t worry.


I’m not worried; not for myself at least. I just thought I’d share the ridiculous lengths some people go to.


When someone who is uninvited contacts me through the PM here, I merely take myself out of the message and do not respond. Also, I think you could flag this user in the PM because they used the PM inappropriately.


I was like, “He has 1000 reviews and someone is jealous” and than I checked your profile and it is like 18 reviews and someone is bugging you for ONE “negative” review…

Yes, one person.

Others as in 2 persons?

Comparing to 15 five stars reviews?

Oh, my head…

The amount of brain cells one must posses wired wrongly to go ahead and type this and send this… oh really.


Isn’t it so sad that these characters think these tricks will help them sell better? So pathetic.

I agree with @vickiespencer. I would report this for inappropriate use of the forum.


I have a returning client I been working with for over a year. This client placed around 35 orders with me over this time period. On top of that, they always leave a review and a 5 star rating.

If someone used the same logic as your accuser towards me, they can easily make a false claim about my account as well.

When someone is caught up with how someone else runs their business, chances are they’re ignoring their own.


Someone has too much time.

In addition to flagging the PMs for forum mods as mentioned by @vickiespencer, keep in mind that even forum PMs are subject to Fiverr’s ToS too, so if it gets too wild, you could also report via ticket to CS.


It is not evident, i personally believe our skills evolve towards professionalism and perfection over time with experience with different clients. you can justify the difference between work and time of delivery of orders plus reviews are something buyers have power over. Like yeah i am really ferocious about my first buyer who came twice for nutritional E-book, did the payment , but no review, even i was really polite with him as he was my angelic first buyer.
NOW he not reviewing lead me towards demotivation since February 2020 i was inactive resulted in no orders now doing hard efforts in promoting and making gigs
The irony is I do medical writing work for my clients who have their fiverr account and outsource their work to me and have gained 5 stars and exceptional reviews on my work sadly :frowning:

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I was in the thread where this “someone” was speaking to you @jake_hopkins and I saw that he was harrassing you. From what I saw, he was accusing you of something but not being able to provide any actual evidence of what it was.

Here’s what I would do. Block him. Notify Fiverr Admins and CS. Forget about it and carry on.
Life is too short to be worrying about something that won’t amount to anything but a tit for tat argument. Trust me, your mental health will thank me. :smiley:


I wondered how long it would be before someone made the connection!


I just looked for and read that thread. Interesting, I was a Top Rated Buyer within months of joining Fiverr because I spent around $100 on services that were gifts for my family. So, unless things have changed, one does not need to spend big bucks :moneybag: to get be one. :thinking:


You’re right. It doesn’t take much. You can even do a few $5 orders and get it.

Sorry this is happening to you, @jake_hopkins.


Someone harassed me a few years ago like this. Honestly, I would just report them to Fiverr. “Top buyer” or not, the attitude displayed towards other forum members is absolutely ridiculous. :roll_eyes:

Sorry you have to deal with this and I hope it gets resolved.