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Very strange and greedy customers

Tell me, I’m the only one enraged and angry with such job offers: "I need 15 illustrations for a children’s book, all commercial rights and source codes, my budget is 5. IF YOU WANT MORE THAN 5 DO NOT WRITE ME!
Announcement invented by me, but these are quite common.

The issue I’d say is the there’s people who do this (because to some, even 5 dollars is a lot! )Some people genuinely don’t think to understand the pricy of digital art (or anything online to that matter) but some already know that there’ll always be desperate people who will take their orders.

I agree. But there are also people who saw something beautiful that costs 200-300 dollars in THEIR country (there was a customer from Cycling Britain and showed an example of the work of a famous artist) and still want exactly the same result for$20. Also communication - as if someone disdains to talk to you.

I feel like by speaking (well, writing) the way they do, some people feel like they are ‘establishing’ that they are the bosses. I did notice lately that there’s a lot of people just demanding things? Like
hello. write a horror story.
I try to 'kill ‘em with kindness’ but I realize it’s not easy (and it does come from people with lower budgets for the most part…but it depends). I think the main issue is that you might say ‘I’d say this costs 200’ but a newer seller could take it up for 20 just to get a good review… (…and then of course there’s people who don’t do such a great job for 5 bucks…) But yeah I agree with you to be honest, it’s a bit of a mess.

I don’t understand how you can feel like a boss if you pay someone the same amount as one cup of coffee? And most importantly, many do NOT even pay $ 5. They want you to do for free and send part of the work before the offer is officially accepted and the order begins. I think it is not necessary to say that after that they will take your sketch or part of the work and use it as “their personal sketch” on which another artist will do another part of the work. and all without money.

I don’t want to say anything bad about fiverr - but in a way it’s down to the way how it clearly favours customers (well, to some extent anyway). If an order is cancelled, we get penalised, same for late deliveries and so on. Those buyers who know this (and know how to exploit this) might not be so common, but…they sure are a pain to deal with. That being said, people asking for free samples are… a different category completely. I think they know what they are doing is wrong, but… they don’t quite care (since in the end, the less you pay the better it is, right? I write visual novel scripts (because they are a hobby of mine) and several ‘companies’ have asked me to do a test / write up to 4! thousand words saying that they’ll pay me if I pass the test. Just 'cause games are a hobby for me I can’t work for free… but many others might decide to do it (and they’ll end up with free work lasting them for ages). People are desperate for money. (and also, many on fiverr come from poorer countries. A lot of people here don’t even earn a fiver an hour, so… yeah it’s complicated I guess :confused: )

yes, with some buyers it will be difficult to earn even $ 5 per day … because they offer - this is not a job, but a way to collect a lot of pictures or texts for free. Personally, I don’t do free tests or make free sketches. My drawing level can be seen from my drawings. Suitable? working. does not fit? look for someone who fits.