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Very unhelpful GIG creating experience

Hello there,

I’m wondering if anyone else has an issue like I am facing;

I wanted to change my username so i had to delete my account and create a new etc to reflect my updated brand online. I went to create a gig on my new account specifically for social media banners and the gig gets rejected. I waited 24 hours and deleted it, (put in a ticket) and re-made the gig this morning, for it to be flagged, taken down and a STRIKE on my account.

I dont know what the issue is here, - I have had the same gig on my previous 3 fiverr accounts and there was no issue, only until now - When I have added everything correctly, used a different image and description.

I find this very dissatisfying because I am trying to earn some money during covid, and this is the only site i know that is good when it comes to selling services.

I find this very disheartening and I dont know if i want to continue here - but then I do want a solution to try and get this properly sorted out.

Any tips?

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I think you should research more before creating accounts first

Why have you deleted and create 3 Fiverr accounts???

Fiverr will send you an email why you get a warning, and there will also be a notification about why your gig is denied

Fiverr Tell you if you want a username change you have to delete your account and make a new one. What’s there to research?.

The gig format is what I used to use on my past account.

That’s the problem, your gig may be denied because the content is not from original creator.
You had been using same image for your last account and Fiverr will store those data, so if you use any of your OWN past images, Fiverr consider this as other people work, as you create different account.