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Very upset about Fiverr Search


Hello Fiverr Members.

I need your help My GIG was top recommended page in previous week.
But suddenly my GIG go away and i can find also in search bar.

Kindly check my profile and tell me if there is an issue.


I have the exact same problem. The search has become one huge mess.


The Recommended page is different for every user, based upon their own site behavior and the gigs they have looked at. That page is dynamic and is constantly changing. Don’t worry about where your gig is listed on the Recommended page. Concern yourself with the things that you can control.

And for the record, asking someone to check your profile page, will NOT make you more successful. Neither will asking someone to “see it there’s a problem with my gig”. We cannot help you get more sales. You need to do that on your own through good marketing, eye-catching gigs, and patience.

Be patient. There is no quick way to success here on Fiverr.


You got 20 Reviews in last 10 Days and you are not happy :frowning:


Dear Ahmed,

It seems that you’re asking us on a daily basis to check your profile, look at your gigs etc.

You never thank us when we do have a look and report back to you - all you want is attention.

There isn’t any problem with your gigs - you’re doing really well!

As @jonbaas said, having people check your gigs won’t improve your sales, won’t make you successful, and won’t make you popular.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


One week my GIG was available on first page.

Suddenly it go away and find on 50 pages but not available.


Thank you for response.

I am very about because my GIG was on first page.

Now its not available is search also.


Fiverr can not solve this issue .

I contact may times and they only reply copy paste of fiverr terms and help paragrahs.


They might have got tired of you messaging them.

Have a read of the forum - gigs appear and disappear in the search, move pages etc. all the time.

Imagine if every Fiverr seller posted on the forum, or contacted CS every time this happened. Instead of worrying about where your gig is etc., just concentrate on doing the best you can for your clients - you’ll get more repeat clients that way, and will have to worry less about gig position etc. :slightly_smiling_face:


If I am searching only with my title how can pages will be changre.


I have 281 reviews only one nagative review.


Excellent - that’s really good! :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s been a problem with the search for a few months - have a look for the word algorithm (sorry everybody!) on the forum, and you’ll see there are many, many comments about it.

Sadly, there’s nothing we can do about it, so we’ve just got to live with it, and make the most of it!


I had this same problem and decided to message Support. From their reply, it seems they have now developed a rotating system that changes the gigs that appear in the search results.

This was their exact response:

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us. We don’t guarantee where a gig will be found in search or category as these gigs are rotated all of the time. I have checked on your account and your Gigs are fine.

Note that our Search results are not static and they change all the time, and every user sees search differently. Keywords do not necessarily make the search accordingly, it only makes it easier for users to search for specific categories, and not the gigs.

I suggest you start using Facebook & Twitter to promote your gigs…This gives your gig enough social media signal and will definitely return it to where it was. Cheers! :wink:

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