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Very upset right now! Fiverr made my Gig inactive and I don't know what to do!?


The reasoning was “Your primary gig image should be changed. The image should be related to your gig’s topic. Using gig images with real samples of your work will usually get more attention and sales” However, the gig photo I had WAS related to my gig topic and it was a sample of what my customers would receive!

I don’t get it! But I am very angry because my Gig is now inactive and I don’t know what to do. The photo I had was perfect and adding any other photo will make my Gig bad because it will not be a relevant photo!


Get in touch with customer support if you believe it was in error someone there should be able to help you out


Reply to @madmoo: Any other photo would not be relevant, as this was a very much relevant photo that display exactly what the customers would receive, like a sample. I have decided to just delete the gig, as having an irrelevant photo will not help my gig at all as everyone knows relevant gig photos are important! The subject matter was a females bottom (not absolutely naked) with a tattoo… there are many other gigs with photos of a woman’s bottom with writing or such on it. And as far as I know as long as it’s not nudity, it’s ok. I contacted customer support… nothing they could do basically just told me to upload a different photo and wait for it to be reviewed and possibly reactivated. But like I said, no point in putting another photo up if it’s not going to be at all relevant to my gig or show a sample like I wanted to do.