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Very urgent help is needed

The buyer had a requirement of MS word document template. Hotkeys were optional, but I confirmed that I will give her the hotkeys. But she never told me that she is using MacBook and also I have no idea that the document template made by me may not work on MacBook. So I had sent her the document template several times using different key combinations of the hotkeys. But every time she told me that it is not working on her MacBook. Then I told her to give me the specific key combinations so that I can make them as hotkeys, but she also never sends me that. I had told her to go to Mac’s keyboard shortcut option on the MacBook and just disable the specific key combination for which it might get conflict and not working. But she could not do this. I am confused that from such a long distance how I solve the issue. Now the buyer wanted to go for any other seller who is accustomed to working on a MacBook. Please help me out. What has to be done? I send the template several times, also I have tested it on several windows-based computers. It works well on all the computers, but I have no MacBook user at my surroundings. Then how can I resolve the issue whether it works properly on a MacBook or not?

I have got confused about why it is not working on a MacBook after giving her several hotkey combinations or she made any mistake to operate the macro-enabled document template.

After spending so much time, what will be good for me? Money is not so much important to me than the buyer’s satisfaction, but it is a prestige issue to get canceled any order? If the buyer will cancel the order how will I get affected as a seller? I have already taken the issue with Fiverr CS, but it will take time up to 10 days. But within a few hours, my delivery time will get expire. What can I do? Please guide me, I am very much confused. If there any negative happens, then how can I serve on this platform?

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Making a new thread isn’t going to help you. It’s also against the forum rules.

Please keep updates on a situation in the same thread. That way people can see what advice you’ve already been given, and you won’t get duplicate suggestions.

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