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Very Very Important Issue in Fiverr. Suggestions Please


Hello Fiverr Members.

I am very upset about fiverr policy .

Fiverr need to create button for accept the order or not.

Most of the fake order and black mail to create any thing they want.

If we can not they will cancel or dispute.

i complete more 5 Orders with 300 dollars but orders completed is not increased 1%.

But one of my worse client cancel 5 dollars job then orders completed rate decrease 2%.

This is very very upsetting thing on fiverr.

I have one order now and he said after order to cancel the job if there is any issue and complete without revisions.


This. I agree 500%. A mutual agree system from the seller’s side will avoid so many issues.


This is very old issue and all senior sellers also crying for this suggestion. But it is always being useless


I agree too, now after 60 days if you keep on completing orders with out any other cancellation, your order completion will raise to 100% again.

But don’t let the rates down, less than 90% may cause the demotion of your selling level. I’m sorry but it’s true


So far, this has never happened to me. I see some complain about it and I’m sure it can happen. I don’t think it’s a major problem for the average seller once they can raise prices a little.