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Very very little chance for newcomers

There is very little chance for newcomers. Everybody wants previous experience. As a newcomer how can I able to give that type of proof.
Thank you.

my friend life is hard for everybody. Try buyer request, you have to earn the order at the start. This is true for everybody. It was true for those as well who have thousand of orders now. They also started at zero.
Wish you luck

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I was a newcomer last year and starting was pretty hard but its not impossible. If they want experience then make a showcase, you can gain experience by doing sample projects and creating a portfolio of work. Experience is not gained only with paid projects.

You might not experience through Fiverr, but you do have previous experience (otherwise you wouldn’t be able to offer services). Focus on the experience that you do have. Clearly articulate it in your gig description or bio.

Most importantly, you’ve got to lose the “woe is me” mentality. You will really hold yourself back with that. Successful people look at a challenge as a puzzle to be solved.

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I agree with you but I think that late nights and the early mornings can change it. How about doing some works (not for orders) and upload them to a portfolio site. Then you can send the link to your customers and you can show up your talent.

Not True - do jobs for VERY cheap, build some reviews - then you can raise your prices and get more jobs! :slight_smile: you do have to sacrifice a bit first, but its definitely possible!

[abhijitsau178] Do Not Do This - you cannot send potential clients a link to your portfolio OUTSIDE of fiverr, this constitutes contact outside fiverr, one of the biggest TOS violations.

You can include a portfolio link (like flickr) in the gig description too. Cutomers can’t contact you from that. It’s is only to show your previous work (eg,designs).

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With the new Fiverr Model, the buyer request for new sellers is quite limited. So they are stuck. The primary way is for them to drive traffic from Social Media to their Fiverr and get in sales.

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So true!! I like this saying of your’s

You are right. But that it’s what happens when you start a new business. I think my first year I only got one order. After that, I hit buyer requests several times a day, I began to create my customer base, and with them came the reviews. Now I don’t check buyer request anymore, customers come to me. But I needed years to get where I am.

My tips: buyer requests several times a day, deliver more than you are requested (one little thing you don’t waste too much doing but your customer will appreciate), specialize in something (don’t sell logos in general, but logos for woocommerce or for the beauty industry)

You can do it too. But you have to work hard, deliver more than they require, and work hard.

If I could, everybody can.

You too! Best wishes! :blush:

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Thanks all. I will try my best.

Sorry for the hard times. You will not orders often as a new seller.

To improve your sales;

  1. Talk to your friends about the service you are rendering on fiverr.

You might be surprised a lot of them might need your services or they know someone who needs it.

When your friends and family members buy your services, you are sure of getting good ratings and reviews which will help convince others that you are good at what you do.

  1. Share your services on social media.
    If you have a lot of followers on twitter and Facebook, tell them about your services.

This will expose your gig to lots of individuals and also increases your ranking on fiverr with social signals.

  1. Take time to write your description and also try to deliver quality services. Your buyers can even refer their friends to you.

Thats not true! - 1. Build a nice profile 2. send 10 bids everyday and 3. Offer services for very low prices! After you get some success you can charge more.

Do jobs that cost 100 for only 5 - just until you get some work, and when you have some reviews you can adjust your pricing :slight_smile:

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Hi @garythomas9501,

Not that I don’t like irony but… what’s the point of raising Lazarus from the dead? :roll_eyes:

Ah I just noticed it was a post from a month ago lol - hey maybe the guy is still looking for help :slight_smile:

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It is not necessary that it’s only for new Seller to get more clients; surely it is more harder to get your fist 10 orders.

But it is also harder to get sustain the business (September 2018 Review - A Bad Month. Hopefully Oct is better) at time. There are issues that we all face and like always, I am also looking for ideas as to how I can improve my sales.

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This is a good idea for some of my WordPress services. Let me try it out.