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Very weird situation

A buyer is new, he isn’t having idea that feedback reflects on profile , buyer was 100% satisfied with work and accepted delivery in one go but left 4.3 feedback, he was little confused about fiverr order placing process which i had to guide step by step, now he placed another order with me , should i be ready for another low rating? How to not work with a returning buyer if buyer places order?If i cancel order it will reflect in my profile .Also, this buyer is leaving low feedback to everyone


work with him and asked much star he was about to give u if he says he wanted to give 5* then you should contact customer support and ask them to make the review 5*

It’s safer not to mention reviews to the buyer at all. Just in case of warnings.


You will says, if you satisfy work with me you will give me good feedback. Don’t worry here is don’t fall any bad effect in your account

Are everyone here a bit resistant to learning?

If you ask the buyer for good feedback, you will get a warning. Boom - done.

I have no idea why people here always think it’s a good idea. I read this nonsense every day.

Are they the same people who write “HOW I GET SELL MORE” BRO SIS

Well - good luck. I don’t care anymore.