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Veteran seller at Fiverr was impressed with my art

Yesterday I only had 8 reviews, and I see one of my customers like what I send and her sing here. Maybe she told someone about what she got from an order in my gigs.
I’m impressed.
And from that moment, I got an order from a veteran seller at Fiverr. he tried to order 1 and after I gave the result, he liked and ordered again, the second time he also likes and now he ordered for the third time.
I am proud of what I get from here, experience, English which is not even my native language.
And customer trust to me that even just 4 months start at Fiverr.

Thank you


Keep up the great work! Success on Fiverr is a lot like a snowball rolling down a hill. The more great work you deliver, the more people will see what you can do, and the more others will want to hire you as well. There are certainly no guarantees as a seller, but you’ve got the skills and talent to go far. Keep doing what you do, the way you do it, and I’m sure we’ll see you as a veteran seller too someday! :wink:


@dearartpkp hanging out on the forum will help you improve your English. I have learned so much from the more experienced sellers who are so willing to share their knowledge.


You create amazing art so that shows you will be a success on fiverr. It’s that, and always giving great fast service, every time.

Everyone wants to know how to do well on fiverr. It starts with having a great service people want and being talented at it.

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I hope will be one of the veterans sellers at Fiverr :smiley: Thank you very much, I will keep doing what I have done now so that I can apply for someone :stuck_out_tongue:

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@vickiespencer Now I will be active hanging out here. read and comment as much as I can. and I hope to speak English fluently later :smiley:

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Thank you very much, I will keep doing what I have done now. as much as possible I will always give results as soon as possible and provide good service as well :slight_smile:

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