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Veterans please advise! New gig or new account?

I joined Fiverr on October 2018. From that till December 2019, i had an amazing experience. Got a lot of happy clients, learned communication skills, dealing, time management skill, and of course a good amount of cash. Till now, i have around 150 reviews which are mostly remarkable as you can read.
I faced a setback once i received my first warning. I learned from my mistakes and went on, didn’t got off track. But since this year 2020 started. My sales dropped. My gig was on the first page and i lost my ranking for unknown reason three months ago. Affected by that, but still went on. Two days ago, my main gig was denied and removed for a completely unknown reason. No need to discuss about that.
I heard new sellers get a temporary boost. Plus according to my search, i guess the sellers with new accounts are getting more exposure. Of course, i got the same exposure. Now i am back to zero.
I want to ask that should i make a new account with fiverr permission or continue on the same one and make a new gig? do you think i will get such exposure are there any chances? I am not reliable on fiverr alone, getting projects outside fiverr also through marketing but want to ask for this. Please advise


I think it’s against TOS to have a second account. Might want to check the TOS first.


I am aware. But we can have two accounts if both accounts are not providing same service. I will be providing animation services from my new acount if i make. Not from the old one So let me know


You can only have one Fiverr account from which you are allowed to offer different services.

Abuse and Spam

Multiple Accounts - To prevent fraud and abuse, users are limited to one active account. Any additional account determined to be created to circumvent guidelines, promote competitive advantages, or mislead the Fiverr community will be disabled. Mass account creation may result in disabling of all related accounts. Note: any violations of Fiverr’s Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards is a cause for permanent suspension of all accounts.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


I mentioned above that i wont be providing same service from both accounts. Services will be different

You are only allowed one account.

You can close your existing account and ask Customer Support for permission to open a new account.

All your reviews will be lost and you will be starting from scratch.

You can create a new gig for your existing account which is a better option.

You can’t keep your existing account and also have another account at the same time.


I asked the CS for my second account. They said if the service is different then i can. But is it worth?

Why would you want to start from scratch when you already have a established profile?

What happens when the temporary boost is over? Do you think you can get more than the ~150 reviews you currently have before your profile stop getting “more exposure”?

My store is not selling as much as before, so instead of trying and understanding the reasons behind it and maybe fixing it I’ll open a “new shop”, in the same location, offering the same services, for the same people.

I honestly wouldn’t trust however told you that as it goes against their terms o service as pointed out above.


I am confused. My current account is almost dead. Plus with ranking issues, i am not sure if i will get such exposure with my current account and new gig? Though reviews are on my profile, unless a buyer visit my profile to check reviews, new gig from new account or old is a same thing.
You are saying i should continue with the same account?

I am aware of this. But i am confused a little

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We are both suggesting the same thing.


I completely agree with you guys. I myself also dont want to lose my established profile. But i dont know i read it that maybe i should try for a new account for sales. Sometimes i feel i should make a gig with the existing account and sometimes i think maybe an new acc

I’m not a veteran but here’s what I would do:

  • I’d check my existing gigs and trying to improve them. I’ll rewrite descriptions, get rid of unlimited revisions, change the tags if needed.
  • I’d take the free basic course about freelancing made by Fiverr. This step doesn’t guarantee success, but it won’t make damage.
  • I’d take skills’ tests. Again, this doesn’t guarantee a boost of sales.
  • I’d start thinking about sharing my gigs on social media. But only if you can target your potential buyers.
  • I’d try to make a very - and I mean, very - creative gig. Here’s an interesting thread about how much crowded some categories are.

That’s it. Personally, I wouldn’t delete my profile. Because it took time to enstablish it, to study how to improve gigs, to enstablish a good relationship with returning buyers, etc.


Thanks for sharing. I guess i should go with my current profile and make a new gig. Thanks

So being that I found more than 10 tense / subject disagreement / grammatical errors in the first paragraph of your gig, and the first paragraph of your only sample in the gig turns up an 80% Copyscape match, I think you ought to worry more about quality than foot traffic.

Also, the entirety of your data entry gig text has like, two full pages of hits for other freelancers - people using the exact same wording/list. Whether they took from you or vice versa, I don’t know, but I know it’s definitely hurting you for originality.


Thanks for pointing out. I have made a plan to redesign my current profile. I will be editing my profiles, gigs etc. I will have a word with my team on this as well. For data entry, all the description is written by ourselves. It might be coincidence that it matches with others. For list, the things i have mentioned are the most common services related to data entry. So i guess that’s the reason many has such list.
But again, thanks for telling. I really appreciate it and i will be working on these things soon.

If your list in data entry got lifted and used by others, I’d advise you to rewrite it - it’s worth the small amount of effort to differentiate yourself for SEO/Search purposes. You can set a Google alert to email you if anyone else uses your exact text after it’s rewritten, just have to put your text in " " quotes in the aler.


Came to know about the google alert now :open_mouth: . Will be doing the research. Thanks once again

Here’s a link that explains how to do it, for everyone:


Will you be starting new account every time you have a decline in your business?

Fiverr is rotating gigs and doesn’t guarantee a permanent spot or ranking. Everyone goes through good days and bad days on fiverr. Will you be starting new account every time fiverr rotates your gigs back?

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You are right. I guess i just got de-motivated. Yes, i am aware about the gig rotation as well. I should change my strategy, do some more research and stick to the thing i started back.

To be honest, i didnt thought that will i create a new account after every decline? Thanks alot for telling