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Vetting flaky sellers


So there doesn’t seem to be a way to determine if the seller is a flake since it’s impossible to leave a bad review. Seems like this site is designed to protect the sellers from any criticism. Like I can’t even say anything here about a bad seller who has flaked on me. Where can I say something? I’ve had 3 sellers all flake on the same project. It’s absurd that they are still allowed on the site. The all come from the same country which I am also not allowed to name. Perhaps somewhere there is a Fiverr forum not run by fiverr so we can see some honest critiques?


I think there is a way to leave a negative review, isn’t there a star rating system, I believe you can leave a 1 star along with your comments?

The region has nothing to do with the sellers since you can find flaky people from pretty much around the world in any country, but you can at least be able to leave a comment.

IF you decide to cancel the order though, you won’t be able to do so I believe.


Yeah, definitely I agreeing with you. :thinking:


It’s true that you can only leave a negative review after an order has been successfully completed, though.

I have to wonder, though–if all the sellers coming from that country which you aren’t allowed to name are all flakes as you’re implying, why did you continue to order from sellers from that unnamed country? :thinking: