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Video and photo editor

Hi I am new to fiverr, hoping for some advice and potential clients. I provide video and photo editing and will make sure it’s to the client’s specifications and done to a high standard.


It’s looks great. Stay active and research more to get more gig impressions. Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

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@rachael_1198 I have visited your gigs.
I noticed that you didn’t fully described the gig.
Dear Describe your services in details. The features your service includes and more.

  • I deleted this line because I found it’s not helpful.

And Welcome to Fiverr…

Welcome. I would just say: search the forum for advices on video/gig editing services and research your competition to see how their gigs look like.

And the most important: be careful on taking advices from random people on this forum (even me :)), many of them are just giving advices without even realising how things work or not even reading the Terms of Service.

This advice for example:

This is not true, if you include link from your website or any site or link which has your contact information, you will get banned from fiverr. You can include some links, like youtube, but be sure to check everything with the CUstomer Support before you do. If they say its ok, then you post a link.

Me personally I think that you need to work more on your samples and description. Spend some time to read advices on how to prepare everything on the forum, there are many good ones here, but it will take time for you to make difference between the good ones and the bad ones. Also, start by reading the ToS.


Thanks For informing me about the gig description’s portfolio link

You are welcome, but you are new on the forum. Obviously you need to start with reading the terms of service and the forum rules before giving advices. And if someone told you or you read somewhere that commenting on the forum will bring you sales, it is not true.

Everyone is welcomed to participate, but if you do, be sure to read the rules first:

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Thanks Dear.
I read them early but not whole.
Now I am going to read it carefully