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Video and Voice calls

When will they finally add these features to Fiverr? I’m sure after all these years, they understand how hard it is to communicate development task only through chat. ■■■■■ is not allowed and WhatsApp is not something I want to do, as I don’t want to share my number with just anyone. Or are there tools available that I’m not aware of?


The video chat feature is only available to Pro sellers currently and only if an order has been placed. (So I can only initiate a video call from the order page)

It is pretty basic and quality sucks, I rarely even use it.


Offering a gig that’s facilitated via sky pe is only allowed if:

-you contact customer support and inform them about your gig and how it works
-you clearly mention it on your gig’s title

If you are not familiar with something that can cause someone to lose their account, do not offer advice please.

OP was talking about daily communication with buyers and not a service via sky pe.

suggesting the use of sky pe to a client or accepting such communication will definitely get you into trouble.


People try writing s k y p e without spaces and see the fun :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Thanks for the advice. I was pretty sure skp was not allowed. I’m buy the way not a seller but primarily a buyer. So all I place is requests or hit up people in the chat about their gig. But sometimes seller don’t understand my project documents or describtions and trying To explain that via chat is a real pain sometimes. Something like a video chat or screensharing feature would really Improve things.

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only pros can use video chat. It’s safer that way

I am sure they will roll this feature out to all users once it is improved.

If you ever place an order with a Pro tier seller you can definitely talk to them via video!

Noooo, I hope they wouldn’t :see_no_evil: I’m a horrible introvert and it makes me so stressed to talk to people especially if we take into account that not every buyer has a good level of English.

And I definitely don’t want that feature because it will be a nightmare. We already have enough buyers asking every 5 min if their order is ready and only can imagine how overwhelming it will get with a video call being available.
And adding on top of that: let’s say I have 100 clients every month, then I’ll prefer to have all their requirements written down so I could come back and check every detail instead of trying to remember every call and every detail for each of 100 clients…


It would be a disaster if we have video/voice chat features.

^I am also an introvert and if someone wants to talk over calls I would get super panicky which wouldn’t probably leave a good impression. Moreover, I can’t speak English properly. I think I am not the only one who is like that. Hope it won’t become a thing :sob::sob:


I am an introvert myself.

But I do need to discuss bigger projects with clients via voice or video.

Communication is faster, easier, and it helps build trust and rapport.

I also keep notes and as soon as the call ends I message the client via Fiverr with a summary of what we said, and what they requested/were we landed. I then request for them to confirm what I typed out so we can proceed.

Extra steps? Yes. Bigger projects though.

Also other than an initial call none of my clients actually ask for more calls or I even faced any issue with a client bugging me all the time.

But I do understand your concerns.

Having $5 being able to push a button to call you would be a disaster.

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The workaround I use now is record myself or my screen. And then send the video’s

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