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Video & Animation > Intros Category MUST Be Cleaned of Pirates!

When you list the intro videos by ranking on fiverr ( all the top sold gigs are works from Videohive all of which violate copyrights, and many of the creators of those intros are unaware of the extend of the piracy done on fiverr.

We are a couple of friends working together, and we are trying to rise up on fiverr with original After Effects templates / animations, explainer videos we create ourselves, but it is almost impossible because “Video & Animation > Intros” category is flooded with unlicensed, stolen works from videohive, and pirates top the rankings thanks to the Videohive templates they download from the internet for free.

We recently contacted one Videohive author about this issue (fxninja), whose works are also being pirated on Fiverr. Even the top sold gig in “Video & Animation > Intros” category is one of his works, and although it is a stolen work it never took attention on Fiverr and made its way to the top! After letting fxninja (original author) know about it he said he would complain to Fiverr about it, but he is not sure whether Fiverr will take action, because Fiverr also seems to turn a blind eye to those sellers since as long as they sell Fiverr wins too. He also said that it is a major problem for the authors; many authors contacted Fiverr about copyright issues and their work being used against the license terms but their complaints were never addressed. Videohive authours are now grouping to send a massive complaint to Fiverr Team.

It is just ridicilous how Fiverr can let this much copyright violation on Fiverr! 90% of the video intros on Fiverr are stolen works and they all violate copyrights!

Dear Fiverr Team, please be serious and do something about the massive copyright violation and piracy done on Fiverr. It not only stains the reputation of Fiverr, but also encourages copyright violations and stop the real “original” work creators / designers to rise on Fiverr.

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@steveeyes Even if they are not stolen and bought on videohive, buyers cannot use the templates to create indefinite numbers of end products. Because both regular and extended licenses of Envato clearly state that the buyer can create 1 video for 1 purchase, which means the seller on fiverr HAS TO buy the template on everytime they make a sale on fiverr, which I’m 100% sure none of those Videohive template users do. See license details here: . I’m not going to report any of them. I’m going to report to Envato, and they will report to Fiverr. Fiverr takes it seriously when big companies make complaints about copyright issues.

Templates for After Effects, Apple Motion and Cinema 4D | VideoHive

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My question is, how do you know they were stolen? I must admit I don’t know what video hive TOS says, but if they buy the template, can they use it legally on Fiverr?

I do want to caution you a bit. I had a friend on Fiverr who reported those who were selling Premium Word Press themes for $5. She ended up losing her account on Fiverr because in turn they reported her gig for doing the same even though she wasn’t. Fiverr doesn’t always take the time to investigate these matters before taking action. Even if your gig is legit and someone reports it, Fiverr may remove it with out looking into it.

Great. We will follow that path, take the time and report each and every single video intro gig to Envato for them to report to Fiverr. Thank you!

Fiverr is passive in dealing with copyright infringement. It’ll even ignore the creators’ complaints if they’re not formal enough.

Creators need to fill in the complicated DMCA form to pull down the gigs.

One little trick proved to be the most convenient:

Contact Envato’s support and provide the details of the VideoHive’s template and the Fiverr gigs. It’ll be pulled down usually within three days. You don’t even need to be the original creator to do that. A top rated seller’s gig with over 350 sales was pulled down this way.

That is correct and the form the designers have to submit so the designs will be deleted is so long and difficult that those guys from videohive just let it go because it’s too much work. Fiverr should hire someone to hunt those gigs because it’s notoriouslely the same designs over and over again

As a designer in the INTRO section I find it too difficult to fight that piracy alone, additionally the scammers and thiefs make more money than the honest deisgners.

Reply to @steveeyes: I’m really sorry if I misunderstood :confused:

Reply to @flatio:

Not sure why you say I’m unhappy? I wished you good luck and complimented your efforts by saying “good show”.

Reply to @flatio:

Stay cool… :smiley:

Don’t think she’s being sarcastic. But it’s a really tough job to crack down on pirates unless all the VideoHive sellers all contribute to it.

@steveeyes Why are you so unhappy about us, original designers, wanting to take down pirates? Why? Am I wrong to want that?

Good show

Good luck

Fiverr must NOT be a place of piracy and violation.

Pirates MUST GO.

Reply to @flatio:

That’s right. Simple common sense can explain that. Those sellers won’t make a profit if they legitimately buy a license for each end-product.

@steveeyes, If anyone reporting those Fiverr gigs is really concerned, simply use a dummy email account to contact Envato.

Envato says they will report to Fiverr. We’ll see if Fiverr will do something after their complaint.


Reply to @willpower_hk: I suspect we all want pirates gone, we just realize that it’s a very uphill road like some other battles on Fiverr. Steve is right when she says it will take some good luck to get there!

This VideoHive vs Fiverr topic is never ending… I’ve just written a blog post about it addressing some of the most frequently asked questions about VideoHive template usage on Fiverr. If anyone is interested, just Google ‘Fiverr VideoHive FAQ’ and you’ll find it.

Reply to @willpower_hk: I’ve just read your blog post, and it is very informative. Good job! I hope Fiverr takes Envato’s complaint seriously and take down the “hardcore pirates” I mentioned.

Reply to @flatio:

Thanks. Hope it helps. Let’s keep the ball rolling and see whether it can create an impact this time.

Reply to @flatio:

Just updated my blog post with a request letter template. Hope it can raise some awareness. Remember to keep us updated if there is any progress with your complaint. :smiley:

Some of these Videohive templates have been replicated so many times by so many users that I doubt either Videohive cares or Fiverr bothers.