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Video Animators - Stop It!

Why do video animators think it is fine to send my voice files to their clients without first marking complete the order they have placed with me?

The number of times I do the work requested and an animator comes back to me and says: ‘My client wants a different voice please cancel’ is incredible.

Firstly, their client is their responsibility - I’d love it if everybody wanted to use me for all of their projects - but sadly, that’s impossible. My client chose me to do the job I have just delivered - if their client is unhappy, that’s not really for me to worry about if I’ve done everything I can and shouldn’t be expected to cancel.

Secondly, by sending my work to your client (in any form) you have used my work and should pay me for it, regardless if in the future you want to find another voice over. This is not an auditon process.

Thirdly, you’re breaking the Fiverr TOS - you can only use work for any purpose once you have paid for it - not before you have marked the order as complete.

"Voice Over Gigs, when the work is delivered, and subject to payment, the Buyer is purchasing basic rights, (which means the Buyer is paying a one time fee allowing them to use the work forever and for any purpose except for commercials, radio, television and internet commercial spots). " Payment is only made once the order is marked as complete.

I’m absolutely fed up with people doing this - and going totally unpunished for doing it.

I have lots of fantastic customers - but some people behave so badly on here. If you think your client would like a demo first, send them a link to my gig page.

I’m sure I’m not the only voice over who has to deal with this.


Yikes, just seen the review that person left.

I’ve dealt with similar situations before, and not just on Fiverr. I don’t get why another seller would think it’s okay to place an order and then try to cancel just because a third party doesn’t like the voice.

How is that person even a top rated seller? That’s insane. Wonder how they’d react if someone placed an order and then cancelled because someone else didn’t like the style of animation used.


Hello from a fellow UK Fiverr type. I share your pain!

I used to offer voice over and writing gigs on Fiverr. While I had some fantastic clients, I also found that the voice over gigs resulted in lots of requested revisions, and the writing gigs attracted scammers.

Don’t take the cancellations personally. But when it hits your stats and therefore your Fiverr reputation and ability to earn good money - I understand why it’s annoying.

Hence why I only offer factual proofreading services nowadays. After all, there’s no disputing where an apostrophe should be!

Hey. I know this must be painful for you and I can empathize. As a video editor, I constantly link clients to different Voice over artist’s gigs or if they’re lazy, they make me do it and I end up hiring people. It hasn’t happened frequently, but when a client hasn’t liked a person’s voice, I actually get another person (usually cheaper) to record it so they have two versions to choose from, at least. This ends up coming out of my own budget at times. Just to add an alternative perspective-As a seller-I have two options-1. Send the audio file of the VO to the client or 2. Directly send them the final video with the VO attached. There’s really no way for me to safely mark an order as completed before using what was delivered. If there are any changes, I obviously pay the VO artist for additional changes, but what I’m saying is that this has less to do with using the files beforehand and more the intent by unscrupulous sellers to cut their own costs. To avoid this sort of a situation, just don’t offer any revisions. I’ve previously had some people use my videos before they accepted the delivery as well and it definitely irked me so I completely understand where you’re coming from, though!

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:astonished: Unbelievable loophole in the process.
Have you contacted the CS? They should take your side in this. Although, I see that you already got 1* review from this animator one hour ago :frowning:

I am eager to see what will CS say about this. I don’t know how many days you have to give the review back, but if CS dont change anything, don’t forget that you can also leave 1* review for the video guy as well.

No, you have also a third option, make the research for your client and propose him several profiles for him to chose from, by telling him to listen to the samples in the VO artists page, before even contacting the VO artist. That would be fair. What this guy did by saying “PLease cancel, my client has chosen another VO” is just bad, bad way of doing buisness. I also wonder how he got this far.


Me neither. It’s so frustrating but they have zero concept that what they’re doing is not ok.


Oh I don’t - but you’re right, it’s my rating and reputation I worry about. I work really hard here.


There is. You should only use it when YOU are happy with it.

Whether your client is happy or not cannot be my concern. You’re my customer - not them.

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The scary thing is, this isn’t a loophole - but nobody gets punished for doing it.

It’s bad review or refund. No inbetween.

I think it’s probably what many/most outsourcers on Fiverr do (probably whatever the category of gig) - they show it to their buyer (after doing some checks themselves) to see whether they want any revisions to it before the original order is complete. Maybe Fiverr should make it clearer in the TOS if they definitely aren’t allowed to do that. Though then there’d be much less outsourcing as well as probably a lot less animated video sellers outsourcing the voice over. Maybe voice over sellers+animators (who are a different seller) would only really work probably with studio gigs (where the end buyer could ask for revisions to any part of the purchase).

You could also put it in your gig description that animators aren’t allowed to use the work at all before the order is complete) - ie. making it clear to them before they purchase.

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The demand for a voice over will always be there as long as there is demand for video.

If sellers who do this were punished it would stop, in my opinion.

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It’s in my FAQ that they have to acknowledge they have read before they can place an order.

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I’m not saying there won’t be demand for voice overs, but I think there’d be be less outsourcing of the voice overs by other Fiverr sellers (including animators) if the end buyer can’t ask for revisions to it (because the voice over seller won’t allow use of it by the animator/other seller until it’s complete). There are some voice over sellers who are fine with using it in a delivery to see whether the end buyer is happy with it/wants any revisions to it though.

But if Fiverr says it’s definitely against the TOS I think it would work best with studio gigs like I said (it probably already works best with studio gigs since there’s no issue with the timing/auto-completion of orders, eg. if it takes the animator about 3 days to do the animation after receiving the voice-over, the voice over delivery could have completed anyway before the end buyer has seen it so there couldn’t be any revision requests to the voice over. - or just the end buyer only asks for a revision too late for the voice over to be revised even if the animation was done a lot quicker).


It is so sad when you see a seller act like that. I wonder how they feel when the same happens to them?
Usually I don’t work with such people, if they are a seller or a buyer.

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I always leave honest reviews on the buyers page.

Hopefully somebody else will see it and think twice about working with them.

This is the problem though - there is no ‘end buyer’. The customer is the person paying me - why should I work for (or even be expected to work for) a third person with whom I have no business agreement.

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This sucks, it’s terrible behaviour by fellow sellers, who would be equally angry if a buyer tried to pull the same scam on them. I had a quick look on your page and understandably, your only negative reviews are all from people trying the same trick. You handle the negative reviews really well, and they definitely wouldn’t stop me from buying from you.

You mention that people come to you buying your cheapest gig, and avoiding adding any necessary extras? (I assume because that’s the only way most of them can still make money on their own gigs) I’m sure you’ve already considered this, but have you thought about ditching the $5 base-price altogether, to essentially price these kinds of buyers out? Considering your quality and experience, you provide a lot for $5. It’s a very personal decision, and one that’s entirely yours to make - I just think you could easily quadruple your costs and still get plenty of business.

You’d lose order volume, but you’d definitely avoid this kind of problem. We never have the issue that you’re facing here, and I know the only reason for that is because we’ve priced ourselves out of the reach of unsavoury buyers. I’m confident if we offered a $5 product, we’d have the same issue. I totally agree that this isn’t fair, and Fiverr should do more to protect sellers in this regard, but until they do, this was the only way we could stop it.


Maybe if Fiverr had a feature where you couldn’t download the file, but you could view it before completing the order…

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Surely, its really a bad thing everyone face. and unexperienced people are doing dropservicing which really don’t know what actually there clients want, and at the end all of it , the seller suffers the most. So i suggest you to ask them to direct you to buyer so you will get the work done at once or ask him to confirm it piece by piece… even when you are delivering it to your buyer, put a Good watermark on your video or post it somewhere ( where he can’t download too , surely there are many platforms online too) so he will get approve first and finish the order with final delivery.
Once again… i can feel your pain as it happens alot of time with me too
Appreciate you to raise this issue in such a good way

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That’s TERRIBLE behaviour, especially from a fellow Fiverr seller. I really feel for you.
I’ve seen his review and i’ve also seen your work, which i think is exceptional. I hope you can move past this sad episode.
Warmest wishes to you,