Video Approval Problem


i am uploading my presentation video of my gigs
but its not approving
what will be the problem???


Dear Ase:

To help people diagnose your situation, please post a screen shot of the not approved message.

Please don’t reveal any information you shouldn’t.

Thank you,


See this @blaisefaint
i am not revealing its true


Dear Ase:

Unfortunately the Fiverr folks don’t give the most helpful guidance here.

I suggest you compare your video to the videos for others in your category and study the Fiverrcast episode:

and this blog article:

It can sometimes take several tries to come up with an effective video.

Good luck,


they said if i try the 3rd time a video which is not to be aproved then they will ban the video option for me :disappointed_relieved:


Dear Ase:

They actually said, “Fiverr holds the right to disable the upload video feature.”

If you have no video now, the worst that can happen is that you won’t have video after you try again, and Fiverr will disable the upload video feature.

I suggest you open a dialogue with Customer Support to see if they can reassure you on that point.

Good luck,