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Video/Audio Watermarks?


Please would it be possible for video files to be watermarked until the buyer has accepted delivery, in a similar way to image files? Gig videos are watermarked, so the technology exists.

Also, could it please be extended to audio files?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


I second that!

But again, we need buyers educated on the matter.

You wouldn’t believe how many people hit the modification button only to ask:
"Looks great! when will I receive the video without the Fiverr watermark?“
"video is what I wanted, but the quality is definitely not Full HD. What gives?”

because they think the embedded video is the final delivery and they don’t even know there’s a Link they need to use to download.

So I dread to think what would happen if the actual video is watermarked if they don’t hit the accept button.


Good points @frank_d! :slight_smile:


Great suggestion. Thank you for starting this thread. I too would like the see watermarks for audio/video as well. :+1:


Yeah. I like that :slight_smile: