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Video call and screen sharing functionality


hello guys ,

i want to share my think about functionality actually it’s not my think it’s need for me and much more designer let’s talk in briefly

i am suggesting some technical ideas and more effective selling process i am ui and web design and working with fiverr since 2014 and got profit effective but i was some bad experience with client communication because our services is visualization so client need to show mw some thing and they need to clarify verbally but we can’t and then client was gone and i losses the orders

if it is possible with fiverr hope selling will be double on fiverr



Hi Hiryug,

That would be to costly for Fiverr to make,you can always use third party softwares like skype,google and teamviewer.

  • Jacob,Olymp media


hello olympmedia,

you are right but as per your suggestion we cant use any another software because of policy and it would be never costly for fiverr as per my calculation


i think no buddy interested about well client communication


why don’t you ask the buyer to make a video of what they want and send it to you?


you are right about it but i said about screen sharing and video call why client record the video and send us then we got issue or query on video requirement at that time we can solve at that time call would be save a time and rework too…