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Video call available in Fiverr!

Finally Fiverr had heard the sellers after so many years.
Although it’s in beta , but I’m quite excited to test out :)))

What your thought?


It’s not showing up on my account yet


What is this? I am an introvert and this thing is freaking me out. Now buyers will force to discuss the project on video calls. Thank God, it’s beta for now. I hope it stays that way only

:anguished: :worried: :frowning_face:


It’s only still in beta mode, not all seller have this feature

hahaha, like your reaction, maybe you can charge buyer if they want a video call, they will to pay extra, to prevent them to contact you… But may not work hahaha

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It’s not available to buyers.

Only you can see this tool.

If you choose to not use it, your buyers will never know the difference.

Once again for clarity: this tool is only available to some sellers right now, as it is in beta.

Even if it rolls out globally, it will still be just for sellers.

It’s in your discretion to use it. No buyer will ever initiate a call.


That’s great.
Thank to Fiverr they gave this choice to sellers
Thank you for confirming :slight_smile:


I feel you, videocalls with buyers would be an issue for me!