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Video Call Feature (Update) - Fiverr

Last Year, we saw a Glimpse of Video Chat option for a very limited amount of sellers in this Did someone say "video chat"? post. But today, It’s completely active for me. Maybe it is rolled out for other users earlier but no one shared any information, so here I am!

Here are some of the Glimpse:

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 1.42.50 AM

This is what you see when you First see this option in your Inbox. Apparently, Currently, This Feature is still in the beta stage and only available for some sellers (I am a level 2 seller) and VIDs.

As you can see in the above GIF, It automatically creates a unique invite link for the face-to-face video chat option.

NOTE: The Video Call Option is not available in the Fiverr App.

To be honest, This is a very important feature for me. It can boost my business in many ways and it can also make fiverr more secure if you think about it.

So, Until Both click on the created link, no one will see or receive any calls. So If someone wants to skip or doesn’t want to talk face-to-face, they can skip it by not clicking on the link.

I haven’t yet tried the video call method yet. If someone is a VID here, Let’s talk and test?

But I hope this feature gets out of beta as soon as possible because not all of the buyers or potential buyers are VID.

I do have some questions though:

  1. Does that Uniquely created link gets expired once we end the video call, or once a certain time period passes?
  2. What will happen if someone 3rd person gets the link? Can they join too?
  3. What features are available in that video call? Screen Recording? Audio Recording? Screen Sharing?
  4. Does this Video Call gets saved in the Fiverr server so Fiverr can see the recording whenever they want? If Yes, then where’s my Privacy? If No, then how will Fiverr make sure that Buyer and Seller will not share any private information in order to talk outside of Fiverr?

Fiverr is Adapting according to its competition. Competition is always a good thing. It helps a business provide better service and features and it helps its customers to take advantage of those services and features. So it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

What do you think of this Feature. Any Comments?


:thinking: once that option is implemented in all sellers officially, then there should be an option that says the following: “receive calls: :green_circle:yes | :green_circle:no” since many sellers do not like being called and prefer everything in text :wink:

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To set terms I will only do that in the written word. To discuss maybe, but even there, people will say things vaguely and assume that they are agreed to so take care. Take notes and have them signed off as what will happen.

Where I see this being useful in a positive sense is with people who need help or want to hire me for learning or advice. Doing that on-platform will be better than Zoom etc.



I think there is no need for it. You cannot just receive direct calls. You have to click on the link in order to start the video chat.

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I don’t thing that the Fiverr will be able to verify all this video calls in case of problems… in my opinion just will difficult for the sellers prove that they made what was agreed. And as mentioned by other sellers above, all that is written have more guarantee

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