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Video Chat and Screen Sharing

I’m looking to hire a seller for some longer term gigs through the site but the project will take some communication up front. Is there a way to video chat through the site or gain permission to use Skype? Also I’d really like to screen share with a program like Team Viewer. Is this at all possible? All the work will be filtered through Fiverr.

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Yes, there is, but you’ll have to take some careful steps since some of your needs are obtainable only by special permissions. You’ll have to put in some serious time to find the right seller.

I would suggest you look on the main page in the category for the service you need. Use the filters to find some sellers who offer gig packages that include things like consultation time. Since you want to use things like Teamviewer, find a level 2 or TRS who has been on Fiverr a year or more and has a solid review history. Then take note of which sellers mention Skype or other video chat consultations. Chances are, if it’s listed in their gig, they’ve been doing it over a year, and have good reviews - they probably have permission from Fiverr.

Message some that you like, tell them your needs and ask them specifically if they do have Fiverr permission for use of Skype or similar. That way, if Fiverr contacts you later to say that you’ve been “flagged” for outside contact, you can write Customer Support and politely explain that the seller stated they had permission, along with a screenshot. Following those guidelines to find one or more established seller, who says they have permissions gets you started and you can do a brief inexpensive consultation to start in case you find that you and themselves aren’t the right match yet. You can avoid many pitfalls with slow, careful planning and inexpensive starts. Don’t hesitate to contact Customer Support early and ask brief polite questions about the process if needed.

Thanks so much for all the great info!!!