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Video chat option on fiverr


I think it’s time to start a Video chat option on fiverr. because many of buyers don’t have enough time to explain details… and on video option it’s easier to explain…
hope fiverr team will think about it…


That’s really good idea for me! I also suggest it to fiverr! :open_mouth:


Yeah, excellent idea


Not going to happen anytime soon chaps. Let’s weed out the shit lying sellers first.


I appericate that you suggest it to Fiverr :heart_eyes:


True that! Hopefully the phone verification will manage to do that.


Will have to be neat and clean and in proper clothes all the time then :stuck_out_tongue:.
Would be a bad news for Lazy people.


Video chat would be it then, as buyer’s would stress on video chat as they can see who they are dealing with.


Most of the times when I order or even type on the forum, I am not wearing pants and lucky if I am wearing a t-shirt.

Do you really think I am going to get up, walk across the room and get my pants on, walk back to laptop to chat with you? Not happening.


Haha that’s what I said.
Even the room is all messy.


I am going to be completely honest here, out of the 25 or so orders I have ordered. About 14 of them, I was totally naked. Either because I decided to take a shower so I can think of what I wanted to order or I was changing on to my pyjamas.

I am fat, shaved head. No one wants to see me on video chat.

THERE ARE UGLY people out there, not everyone is as pretty as you.


Ew I’m not letting some creep video chat with me for free lol.
It would be cool to have a video chat option - $2.99/min THEN when it’s done they can decide whether or not to buy the gig.

This would be genius and could bring Fiverr extra money.
Man I’m smart as hell Fiverr needs to hire me for this kind of stuff


Exactly. It would be a creep magnet to have that.


some sketches or notes can be an alternative video chat,

but this feature will help only people who had bad communication,


also calling from the mobile app!!! :grinning:
riingg riinggg:
-seller: Hello??
-buyer: Hi!! I want your service! I will pay 10000$!!
-seller: Omg!! really?
-buyer: offf courrse my brodahh!!


It will become OMEGLE if Fiverr launched the Video Chat option and i am sure that there are many people here who will do nasty stuff!! (You know what i mean) so this is never going to happen soon. And btw, i am a lazy guy. I am sure the users don’t want to see me in my bed or on my sofa.


Not to mention a new dimension to reviews

“GreatWorker007 did awesome work. However, I was horrified by their slovenly appearence and evidence of a poor diet piled high on the counter behind them. Therefore, this 2-star review is to push them towards changing their lifestyle”

GreatWorker007 complains to CS about insane review, gets told that nothing can be done as the buyer’s opinion is always right, according to the invisible Feedback Policy. Notes that perhaps the seller should take on board some of the suggestions made. GreatWorker007 was last seen having a meltdown on the forum about his terrible predicament.

That and we’ll all see more body parts (mainly male, and mainly that part) than we want to. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t need to have random mushrooms waved about in my face everyday.


That would be awesome

In my case, the amazing tool would be adding a feature to record the screen, while they’re pointing/highlighting things and talking to explain what they need

This would be a catchy name Fiverr’s Video Screen Recording + Drawing Tool LOL


It would be super cool. But that can violate rules - If someone give his personal contact to buyer. that will difficult to track that video records.


Good point, I have no idea, they could put a beeeeeeeep over the audio if you try to say your contact details hahahaha