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Video Chat System by Fiverr

According to Fiverr TOS, it is a violation to contact with buyer outside Fiverr’s own messaging system. I know this has been done for the safeguard of buyer as well as sellers. But sometimes there needs to be long discussions with the buyer which can’t be done through Fiverr’s messaging system.

I think Fiverr should introduce a video messaging system itself or officially partner with online meeting platforms like zoom so that buyers and sellers can have long discussions.

Personally I think those buyers who try to lure sellers to contact them outside fiverr are scammers. Fiverr system should ban those buyers.


Wait but I have contacted buyers outside bcoz it was easier. Is that a violations of fiverr TOS!?

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Yes. You’re very lucky you weren’t banned. Do not do it ever again.


How is that WRONG? It’s just more easy for sellers! If anything fiverr should improve their communication bcoz when buyers respond to you, you have to keep REFRESHING the page to see the response and it’s ANNOYING!

I did not make the rules…

From Fiverr’s TOS:

“Requesting or providing Email addresses, ■■■■■/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other personal contact details to communicate outside of Fiverr in order to circumvent or abuse the Fiverr messaging system or Fiverr platform is not permitted.


It’s wrong because Fiverr can’t moderate something that happens outside of the platform.


Never ever attempt to contact buyers outside Fiverr platform. If Fiverr finds out that you contacted buyer outside Fiverr or shared any personal information with prospective buyers your Fiverr account will be banned for good.

What personal information? Why would I give my personal or why would my buyer give their PERSONAL information?!

How did you contact them outside Fiverr? Phone number, e m a i l? That’s considered personal information.


You seem upset. Why?

It’s to prevent people from doing business outside of Fiverr. For example, I place a $5 order with you and then we communicate outside of Fiverr for a larger order to circumvent Fiverr’s fees.


Discord, I used discord. I made a chat for us to talk

He alrdy paid for the product.

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Fiverr can’t moderate something that happens outside of the platform.

How is CS supposed to confirm that nothing else is happening? I get what you’re saying, but you really need to read ToS.


Ok, what if he was a scammer? You delivered, he got your work and then he cancelled?

How could Fiverr’s CS help you if they cannot access your conversations? You need proof of everything that happens in the transaction.

This is to protect you.


So you want a video chat feature, but also think buyers who want that are scammers? This doesn’t make sense.

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I gave him the work via fiverr. But communicated via discord bcoz we agreeed it was easier to communicate.

we agreeed it was easier to communicate

I also don’t get this point.

You said earlier that you had to refresh the page to see messages - I’ve literally never had that problem. Messages to my Fiverr inbox always show up immediately.


This is a serious bug in the messaging system and should be corrected.

When I respond to a message from a buyer in a conversation I have to keep refreshing the page to see the correct order of responses and see what I just responded with.

Me neither. However, the chat on the app is SO much better than on desktop…

I communicate on fiverr with chrome like usually most sellers do so I have that problem