Video chat tips


I have a gig where I offer to video chat as Marilyn Monroe for 5 minutes. What are your tips on delivering this gig and not getting screwed by the client? I’m new and I heard that can happen.
In order to deliver the gig, I have to provide the service, which is video chat with them. How do I provide proof of having provided that service?

Thanks in advance! All feedback and advice welcome :slight_smile:


Are your shooting the video live for the client? If so, I’d take a screen cap of the video I performed and deliver it. Perhaps hold up a hand written sign at the beginning with the date and the customers username?

This isn’t my forte, but that might work.


I thought about doing something similar. Glad I’m on the right track!


I’m glad to hear it. I wish I could offer more advice :slight_smile:


If you have an extra smart phone, or if you are using your laptop or computer to do this, film yourself and the screen from a discreet area with your smart phone, that way you have video proof :slight_smile:


Smart! Do you think it would annoy a client to send them a video of their whole conversation? Maybe just a snippet?


Work it in an an extra. Charge them for the entire video! Deliver a snippet otherwise.


No no no, what I mean is this.
If its on laptop or computer, position a cell phone to record you dancing for them. Save it for at least 30 days (for charge backs).

Deliver video as usual, if they charge back, you have entire dance recorded with clients name and time and date in the file name such as


Hell I might even try this out :wink:

(Sighs) depending of course if I can afford it…



Gottcha! Thank you!
LOL, do you mean book a Marilyn video?


I can neither confirm nor deny per Fiverr tos and the rules of professional engagement.
In that one gig where you have your real domain name in the picture, that can get you banned, I would remove it ASAP.


What? We can’t buy fellow Fiverr’s gigs?
Oh! The one with my website? Done. (sigh) so many rules!


Sure you can buy anyone’s gigs, I just wouldn’t answer that in public if I would buy your service or not.
No hate whatsoever.


LOL, ok. It was a good answer regardless. Very top secret :old_key:


CIA (Central Idiots of America) watches the interwebs… shhhh… they are watching right now !


Are we even allowed to have a Skype chat with a client?
I didn’t think we could leave the platform with clients.

I have services that I would like to offer [i’m no Marilyn] that would be 1 on 1 coaching calls, but don’t want to get banned.

Great gigs BTW <3


It certainly seems discouraged, sometimes it’s hard to share your skype accound name, or that sort of thing. But when you start typing it into the chat box an alert comes up “Providing email, skype or phone number is only allowed if it is needed as part of the service.”
So start consulting! :slight_smile:


Yes, but only if you have prior approval from Support and only if you exchange the Skype ID’s in the order page.