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Video Chatting or Video Interview option, PC Controlling option?

As a video editor many clients take me for interview online. They asking me my zoom, skype, google duo etc. But I tell them not allowed. They not contact me anymore.

Also some Client need a tutorial video with controlling their pc for tutorial purpose. They asking me my team viewer id.But I tell them about Fiverr Term and Conditions.

So I request fiverr team please give us a option for video calling, controlling pc, etc. OR tell us how we do it systematic way?

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I am having the same inconvenient

I am handling large video projects as well, often in the 5 digits and not one client “stopped talking to me” when I told them there is no video call option.


You might be an Exception.

Or maybe:

A) it’s not the lack of tools but how you handle orders/client communication

B) clients who need so much control are usually micromanaging and you’re often better off without their project

C) it may be just people with malicious intent, looking for someone to give them access to their computer (i have never had a request for my TeamViewer id when I agree to tutor someone)


You’ve made excellent points. :ok_hand:t4:

I’ve heard horror stories about people using Teamviewer for malicious intent. :grimacing: Personally, I would never use this program.

Don’t focus your Fiverr career on features that have not been implemented. Your tool is COMMUNICATION. Until Fiverr implements a video/chat feature. Written communication leaves a paper trail in case when things go south.

If your clients need a tutorial, you could perhaps create a video of yourself explaining the project details, they could do the same.

Alternatively, you can record audio. I’m in the VO niche and clients have sent me audio recordings/videos explaining the project in great detail. I’ve done the same in return with no issues whatsoever.

In the world of business, you have to be savvy and find creative ways of getting the job done. :pineapple: