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Video Creation, Data Entry/Virtual Assistance, Writing, ect

Hello! My name is Brenna. I offer 7 gigs: Video Creation, Data Entry, Virtual Assistance, Proofreading, Name Ideas, Song Lyric Writing, and Article Writing.

Reasons to hire me:

-Top 10% on Fiverr Analytical Skills Test
-Top 20% in Basic English
-5 Star Overall Seller
-Quick Response Rate
-100% Order Completion
-Schedule Flexibility
-Prices are Negotiable


Hi Brenna

I had a look at your gigs. Interesting services indeed! Best wishes with sales!

If I could make suggestions, that would be

a) to use different images for your gig-images. Otherwise you risk to have your gigs deleted. It is part of the guidelines to use different images

b) the pricing in your “writing” gig seems very low for so much work. Maybe the packages should have a higher price. This way your potential buyers might appreciate more what they receive.

c) I think the gig for “song lyric writing” should rather be a separate gig with tags relevant to music etc. For potential buyers to easily find it when searching. Because that is so different from other kind of “writing”.

d) “unlimited revisions” is not such a good idea for a “writing” gig. You might get problems with a dificult customer. Even cancellation.

e) I think that the phrase in your profile description "I am very free, and check my account often " does not help sales so much. It looks a bit “hopeless”. While you seem to be a clever and very capable person. Just make sure that you respond asap to buyers messages so that your “response time” is around 1-2 hours if possible. You can use Fiverr app on your cell phone. Everyone can see your response time on Fiverr.

I hope you don’t mind for the suggestions.

Again, all the best with sales!

Of course I don’t mind! Thank you! As a teen seller, I don’t have much experience with sales and marketing related fields, so these are invaluable to me

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