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Video decreases my sells


I uploaded video and i found my sells decreases. what should i do?

i will removed video from my main gig so i will remove from other too.?


It isn’t necessarily the video that is to blame. There are countless other possible reasons why sales decrease – many of which we, as sellers, cannot control. A low quality, or low production value video could certainly be a factor in lowered sales, but I don’t think it, alone, is at fault.

You’ve only been on Fiverr for a month, maybe even less (you joined in December 2014). That isn’t a lot of time to develop a strong analytics subset. Be patient. Sales come, and sales go; it’s just how things work here on Fiverr. :slight_smile:


Another thing to remember is that when you edit a gig, especially in a substantial way like having a video reviewed by Fiverr, this can create a delay in your search listing. I added a video to one of my gigs (not even a very good one) and it dropped out of search for a couple of days while the video was under review. When it returned to search, though, it was actually listed higher up in rankings than before and I got more sales even with a crap video. My sales didn’t go up 200% or whatever but they did eventually go up. My goal is to replace the video with a better one and add videos to other gigs. I’d suggest plain old patience before deciding.


Thank you i will wait… I am getting good sales. but after video it drop i will again upload it soon i will get sales.

Thanks allot I am really happy i am getting good advice here.