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Video Denied automatically with no modification

Third Party TOS violation, Suspicion of fraud or spam

This video is my own video and only has MY content in it, no music etc.
No other persons gameplay is in the video, it is only MY gameplay.

Perhaps it is the gameplay itself that is the problem. You did not make the game that you are showing in that video, and you are using the video of someone else’s game to make you money. Perhaps that is what Fiverr objects to.


Ive made one with only pictures and no videos and its also been denied for the same reason

If you are capturing a gameplay video, you may know that the game itself is copyrighted (arts, music, sounds, texts, speech…), so you can’t capture it and sell it in any form. There is a legal problem with gameplay videos. Usually, gamers and influencers use them in their videos, though they really need permission to do it, as they earn money with their channels, but most companies really pay them to play, or at least, it’s free adverstising. So expect no claims. But here, if you sell them for example to show how to play, tricks, or whatever, you are using the copyrighted content, hence the denial.


Did you have the necessary rights to use the pictures or were they copyrighted where the rights belonged to a particular company/someone else?

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