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Video Denied for not stating 'exclusively on Fiverr'... but it says so clearly in text

I’m new to Fiverr and I spent WAY too much time trying to get the video right for their copy and paste email:

"You must state in the video that your service is offered exclusively on Fiverr"

Guys, it says so in text.

This has me wondering whether it has to be said aloud (but there are plenty of videos without voice-over). Anyone else run into this? I just resubmitted the thing in hopes that whomever is on duty will READ.

ya happened with me too. re submit ur video in which u have to clearly speak(and louder too) that ur service is exclusive to fiverr!

Sadly, getting more audio going is out of my range for a little while. I put ‘exclusively on Fiverr’ on a caption line that appears at the bottom for the whole video. Fingers crossed that that’s enough.