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Video Denied, Lead to more issues

I recently added a video on one of my best selling gigs… The video was denied so I thought “Ok, I’ll just make another video and edit the gig” I go to the gig to edit it and that isn’t even an option! I can only delete it.

I created another gig and haven’t even gotten one sale so I pretty much have to start all over from scratch. On my original gig was up to at least 1-2 orders per day, Now nothing.

I’m just saying I think fiverr staff should look into this and change this because it’s stupid.

You should reach out to Customer Support, include your username, a link to the Gig you are referring to, and explain your situation in detail.

You can edit your gig by going to the “My Gigs” page and either clicking on the thumbnail or title of your gig, or, over on the right side, click on the gear symbol and pick “Edit” from the drop-down menu. Another way is to view a full-page of your gig. Where a buyer would see the “buy gig” button, you should see a green “edit gig” button.

There are specific parameters and criteria for gig videos. Since I don’t use them, I don’t know them offhand, but it has been discussed numerous times on the forums, so just use the search function to find them.

for $5 i will contact customer support for you.

just kidding , go contact customer support , maybe the video is way to long?

Copyright content on the video?

no cookies on the video? cookies are requiered , how do you think gigs get a 220% bump? COOKIES! ( jk ) :heart: