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Video Denied? Retry


Ok here goes… I just uploaded a self made video the day before, the video was made using windows moovie maker, then I converted it to AvI… Ready to go.

I put that video on my brochure gig, only to wake this morningg and its been denied, for a reason I do not know… Please can anyone help with reasons?? Or tell me where I went wrong?

I must confess, this is the 1st video I’m putting on my gigs, I need to up my sales now, so I’ll be needing many for my best selling gigs.


Your reply is most welcome.


mhhhh instructions… i winder where that might be… i’ll chek my email now and see what they have to say…

abt the 'exclusively on fiverr", must it be by voice?? or can i type it in letters…

Let me check my mail now…

Thanks granny


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Gran, my video is a slide show of my works, without voice. I’m not able to use a voice over now because of my present environment…

Will it be approved if i used ‘text’ to write or ‘mention that my service is offered exclusively on’??? :frowning:


Hi,that happened to me too when I’ve upload the video the first time,after I’ve added

’exclusively on fiverr" the video was uploaded and accepted.



Alright thank you very much… Let me add that now… B-)