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Video Denied

Few days back i made my Gig video for the gig “Explanation videos” and my video was denied by Fiverr. i didn’t use any slangs or racism language or some pg content. I need to know the reason why fiverr is not letting me upload that video as a Gig video. i put so much effort in making it.

Maybe it included copyrighted material that you didn’t have the rights for. Or did it have contact information, or a URL in it? You can get in touch with customer support to see if you can get an answer which will help you not to make the same mistake again.

The biggest reason I ever had gotten my video declined for was that it was slightly out of sync. They do in your mail usually tell you the reason such as “low quality”, “out of sync” etc.

ohh thankyouuu for the reply :slight_smile:

ohhh, well i haven’t found my reason of denial. let see.

Sometimes it gets filtered so just dig around your Fiverr mail, it’s usually something silly.