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Hello everyone,

I’ve been part of Fiverr for over a year but about 6 months or so I began to create videos/book trailer and so on. I was wondering if there are any Video Designers that offer ‘video converter services’ as an extra just like myself. Have you had any trouble with customers for this? If so, share… and if not, could you please tell me why you consider it to be worthy or not to have as an extra gig?

Thank you very much.

First off, I do not even know what that is, why would you need to convert the file? I think you should give an example of what that is in your gig.

It’s basically when you change the format of a video. Example: if you have Windows, your videos will be saved as wmv but you can change the format to MP4, AVI, and so on. However, the video converter that I have isn’t free. I’m too afraid to try the free ones because you don’t know if your computer can get a virus from them.

Most people are good with the wvm, but yesterday one of the customers (with an apple computer that doesn’t read wvm) complained about how I shouldn’t charge extra to change the formats. My video converter cost me around $60. I charge $10 to change the format as many times as you want.

What editing software are you using? My software allows me to save the video as whatever I want whether it be a WMV, MP4, etc. No extra cost.

I am converting with VCL media player which is on my laptop. Maybe that helps? Do your research online and see which programs are reliable. Don’t you have an anti virus program on your computer anyways? I hope you will find something that works for you :wink:


The editing program it’s window live movie maker where you’re only allowed to save wvm and wvm with HD.


I’m just kind of afraid to try by myself because I did that when I was starting and my computer got a really bad virus, it wasn’t the same after it, not even with anti-virus :((

However, I might try the one you have if you don’t mind of course.

Thank you for the good wishes.

Reply to @nellysagabriela: So what format do you save your videos in that you make for people?

And I would not use free converters that give you a virus. how much are the programs to do it?

I would think if this is an area that you want to really devlop and be a freelancer both here on Fiverr and off on your own , you would need software to convert. It would seem limiting if you can only save in one file format.

Reply to @nellysagabriela: More people are getting Apple computers and yes, we cannot read .wvm.

BUt you need to clearly state in your gig description that the file comes in WVM formats. Do you state that? That way Apple people who need an .mp4 will not order from you if they know that is not what you can provide.

However, I do agree with the buyer, you should not be charging extra for this. If the software converter costs $60, then you should just buy it and deduct it as an expense from your taxes or just consider it a part of expense of running a business. Think of it as an investment in your business to get more customers both PC and MAC.

And why is it so hard, can’t you just do a “save as” into a different file format? Or is it something that is more involved where you have to spend more time doing more work?

Reply to @nellysagabriela: Also if you are going to be doing more and more video work, maybe you want to consider getting a better program. The Windows Live program is the free program which is mainly targeted towards consumers not really high end editing. Though if it’s like iMovie on a MAC then it can probalby do some pretty powerful stuff for what most people might need.

Also, it’s probably not worth one customer for you to bother with any of this stuff to begin with. Just don’t take the job or if this buyer already paid and did not know that you cannot convert is and your gig does not clearly state it only comes in WVM format, then just take the hit and refund the money and move on to your next customer. If you have an “extra” gig to convert it, but do not actually have the software yet to do that, you should remove that extra and not have it up there to begin with.

Don’t try to do stuff you are afraid to do it is not worth it downloading something and having problems.