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Video disabled for my gig after 1 try

Hi all,

I was interested in uploading a video to one of my gigs. I realised after I had uploaded it that it was not good enough quality. However fiverr have disabled videos for my gig now so I cannot upload my new video. Is there anything I can do? This gig is starting to get more sales so I would prefer to keep it!


really looking to get an answer here

Video gets disable after 3 tries and denials. I think you used up your chances. Contact support. They’re helpful most of the times but are painfully slow owing to the large number of tickets.

I used 1 try. I have never tried to upload a video on that gig before. I also had no problem uploading the video, it took 1 attempt

please tell me address tech support

Just open and go to the end of the page. You’ll find a link called “Customer Support”. Click on it and follow the instructions.