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Video Don't Get approved even after more than 20 hours


My Gig Video is Still under approval even after more than 20 hours and i don’t also get even a single impression on my Gig until now is that anyone can help me with this there?


The only person you can get help from is yourself by being patient.

Videos take up to 48 hours to approve (yesterday was Christmas and I doubt there were many staff working). Additionally, impressions update every 24 hours, not in real time. Hope this helps!


Approval process can get some times . My gig video take 3days to approval.


Patience is required.


I’ve seen them get “stuck” and just resubmitted and they go thru in less than a day. Also holiday’s may be slowing things down - not sure what countries are doing the approvals.


It can be take some time. Wait till 48 hours. Hope your video will approved by this time