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Video Editing Software To Use

Is it ok to use one Video Editing Software to fulfill gigs as a professional video editor?

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If that’s the software that you know how to use proficiently, then I’d say “yes”.
As long as you can deliver on your gig promise, then I don’t see the difference in the software you use. :+1:


It depends on what you offer and your ability :+1: I use both Final Cut and AE. Sometimes Motion. They are enough for me in here​:blush:

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In addition to what others have said, the software should also be licensed, not pirated.


I’m sure that’s how it’s normally done. I can’t think of what else you would use.

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I might be missing the point of your question here - how would you edit video without using video editing software? :thinking:

I saw some top sellers using three video editing software. That’s why I ask.

Just use the software you’re happiest and most confident in using! :slightly_smiling_face:


I use Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Premiere Elements is also an option!

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Wow. Thanks. But I’m gonna have to choose free options such as davinci resolve, lightworks or hitfilm4 Express.

Just choose one and work with it on some of your videos to get used to it. It takes some practice using it and learning all the features. No need to have more than one since they all do the same thing. Some of them have different features than others but to start out with just get really good at using one.


ok. Thanks for the advice

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I use Joyoshare Media Cutter when I’m about to video editing. It has clear interface and simple to operate, with powerful video editing features such as cutting, trimming, splitting, merging, cropping, adding watermarks, subtitles, special effects, etc. Now i start to use Premiere Pro, which contains more editing tools and effects.

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I have tried Adobe Premiere Pro and Catamsia, PawEditor to edit the video, especially after I record the screen or webcam. Simple or advanced features can also be edited with.

I use TunesKit AceMovi to edit my videos for YouTube. This mp4 video editor is brilliant! AceMovi contains many features for editing such as split, crop, and zoom, green screen, rotate, change speed, and many more and has a large library. Most importantly, TunesKit AceMovi is free until 1.15, 2021.

I have seen that some people are using the KineMaster app for video editing. Is it ok?

I thinks if you can find the video editing software suits you best, it is ok,but it may takes you a few time to try several one and make more practice to master it proficiently.
For me, i know my need for video editing software is just do some simple things like cut,crop, add text,audio,subsitatle,so the TunesKit Acemovi is great for me, then i pratice several times with it, i can use it proficiently.