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Video editing


Who are the best and reliable video editors on Fiver?


there’s nothing best for everyone, you only define it from your demands and your budget.

Personally the video editing program ShowBiz sortof my best.

I use it as a mp4 editor to reorganize video clips and make them into a brand lively new one by adding specific effects and advance audio, photo effects. super cool!


I’d be happy to take a look at your project. What did you have in mind?


You can use Windows Live Movie Maker which is an free video editing software in which you can merge images or edit videos. You can download it from Microsoft website. You can find more valuable solution here too.



Hi and welcome.

Best and reliable? Depends on your editing needs, and your budget.

My son uses iMovie, I use Power Director and Premier Pro, my partner uses Final Cut Pro. They’re all reliable on the right machine with the horsepower to drive them.

Let us know how you make out. :slight_smile: