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Video editor here i can edit all types of video and slide show

help me to find out any buyer i am new here

In your gig it might help if the gig info video doesn’t have “made with camtasia free trial” written on it. I assume the videos you edit won’t have that written on. Also in that video maybe the framing could be changed at the beginning or maybe have the same aspect ratio throughout.

The gig image of the bmw logo - it isn’t clear what that’s for. You could create a gig image that’s more about your gig.

Also if you look at your profile the video thumbnail gets cropped - probably due to the aspect ratio. That will be how it looks in Fiverr’s search results too. Changing that might help with clicks/orders.

thanx sir for your comment

I am also video editor, you could improve your gig video preview.
I don’t wanna be nasty but music is louder than voice, you didn’t even render your video in the right 1920x1080 seize and instead have a vertical iphone video format, your face isn’t at center, too much space on top, you could have made color corrections.
It sounds quite like a joke.

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thanx sir for ur suestion

Uhh, if a video editor cannot properly format and edit their own gig video, that’s a clear cut sign for buyers to run for the hills.

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