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Video for Gig or No Video

I am curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on this. I had Gig videos when I started, then got rid of them. Now I am considering them again. So, are Gig videos worth it? Do they work for you? Do you make them professional by hiring someone, or personal using your phone? What would you say or not say?


I recently removed the video from my former best selling gig. Then I suddenly started receiving tons of new orders. From this experience, I’d say that if your gig isn’t video related, don’t bother using a video to showcase it. - Though, this may be different with people who have nice sit down sessions in front of a camera to introduce themselves.


On point advice! Thanks

Well it really depends on the type of service you offering. As for some gigs category, video does great for them but for others it may be banner or PDF.

You just have to take your time to check gigs that are doing best on your category and check what they use.