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Video for gig

It’s really video increase our sale?? Give me any suggestion. THANKS

Reply to @satyamohan: You are welcome. I’m sorry, I don’t fully understand what you said in this response. You can have a video as well as images. You can also put an image you want displayed in your video and use that image as the chosen thumbnail so that the video pauses on that spot for potential buyers to see.

Reviews are very important, but I got just as many or more positive reviews after putting up my video as well, so I’m not sure how it would affect your reviews.

@fonthaunt: Thanks for suggestion. but i think if normal we attach only image for a gig and once selling will start so we get more order, positive review is important. But i will try video for gig. Thanks

I think it is true that video can increase sales. I used to think it wouldn’t do any good in certain category where video doesn’t seem as relevant. I added a video to one of my gigs that gave a little information on it and the video wasn’t even very good because it was my first try. My gig because to appear higher in search results and my sales increased.

Great Thumbnails turn impressions into views.
Great videos, samples, and simple offers help convert clicks to sales.
If 80% of a buyer’s decision to purchase is based on how much they like the person, A video is a great way to not only explain your offer, but to help people get to know you and “Like You”.