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Video for your gig

Is having video on your gigs really so important?

I would like to hear experience of sellers who have videos and how is it affecting your sales.


I think it helps. You can easily demonstrate your work in it as just like i have done with my GIGS. you can see them to get the idea.

Just watch this cool video this handsome man did…

Not only do I use video for my success, but every part of my social marketing I do online points directly to my fiverr profile. For example my videos on youtube have these educational videos for people who want to do video to provide a value point to drive traffic to my fiverr gigs. I have all my fiverr gigs that were approved by fiverr on my youtube channel as a selected playlist so they can see what I offer on fiverr, and directly click on the link below to go to that specific gig. I also use twitter to advertisement my fiverr gigs.

Everything points to fiverr for me because that is why I pay the 20% commission, for their customer support and order system, its a bonus I get traffic from the fiverr search results as well.