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Video Game Friend Codes? (Off Topic)

Hi Everyone. We’re all (hopefully) at home and staying safe. A lot of us turn to video games to consume content and interact with friends. This is off topic, but if you’d like some extra friend to play some of your favorite games with, drop your information in this thread.

  • Switch Friend Code: SW-8398-1070-2816
    ** Currently Playing Animal Crossing
  • Playstation: ScreamingM
  • Xbox Live: ScreamingEcho
  • Steam: ScreamingM


In our country totally lock down due to carona

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I definitely didn’t expect to see this post here. I don’t think it should be in the Fiverr forum.

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Good idea @mjensen415. In times like this, playing video games can at least turn our mind into some excitements.


I understand your thoughts. Sometimes we all need a little downtime. While this is going on, I made the decision to start some “off topic” threads. There’s a lot of good information on this forum that can help you in your freelancing career, this can hopefully help some in their personal life during this difficult time.


I play a lot of Overwatch, but only enjoy playing with friendly folks so if you’re really competitve/toxic we probably won’t have fun together haha!

If anyone wants to play with me let me know and I’ll send you my info!

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It’s Ok, Matt promises not to ban people for beating him.


My children and grandchildren who live in different towns, here in Montana, had done this to stay in touch with each other long before the coronavirus came alone. It works great! They play while using the chat feature to communicate.

With Roblox, even the five and 8-year-old can interact with the 17 and 18-year-old grandkids.

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Since this is both ‘gaming’ and ‘Covid’ related, wondering if anyone here follows or has seen this episode of Extra Credits about the WOW pandemic:

It’s kind of scary that, two years ago when this video was published, it was just a theoretical case study.

Edit: (The referenced mini-series on the 1918 pandemic. Warning: considering the current situation, this is a bit harder to watch.)

I only play Clash Royale :smiley:

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Well this is a thread I can get behind! Anyone here up for some good old Tekken, Divinity, Destiny or Monster Hunter on PC?

Sorry. My PC multiplayer games of choice are Terraria and Don’t Starve Together. Tetris 99 on Nintendo is fun too.

Now I’m playing RDR2 and Gta5 in most also cs:go sometimes I can play if there is any one want to play with me but I can spend only 20-40 min on video game at most in one day period so please let me know, thanks

I just play Minecraft for multiplayer now, since that’s what my other friends are doing. Taking a break from CSGO and online games on Steam in general for some reason. Pretty much focusing on completing my backlog during this pandemic, since I mostly play online as a way to hang out around the end of the day.

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I do not play video game :disappointed_relieved: . I watch movie and serial. Is this possible to get extra friend to watch movie :smiley:

I have played Overwatch before corona strike and I play it now. I don’t see why I should play more or less, because I’m a freelancer and I didn’t lose my job like most of the people I know did. I had nothing to spend my money on and that’s why I’ve bought Overwatch rank boost last month. Now my hero is one of the best on the server, lol. And it’s good for me, because now I have more job and less time to play Overwatch. BTW, the characters boosting is cheating? :smiley: