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Video in GIG is Necessary or Not

Hi, I want to know,
post a video is necessary or not when I create a gig.
Thank You :slight_smile:

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If it’s in the “video” category is pretty much mandatory. In other categories it’s not really necessary. It can help, but a bad video might be worse than no video.

One negative thing is that if a gig has a video, that is what seems to be shown as an icon in searches (ie. the preview frame from the video), and that can be less clear (look worse) on the search page than a gig image.


Build a marketing plan. Fits a video presentation in it? If yes, add it to your gig. If no, don’t do it. My advice is have a marketing plan, always. Does not matter if it is a simple, straightforward one, but have one if you want to succeed.

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It’s mandatory for Video category gigs.
But if you have good communication skills and portfolio you don’t need one. I also don’t have a gig video
But it works for me. You must have a video it creates a good impression.

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It’s a plus point, increases visitors involvement

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A bad video will hurt you more than help you. If you can make a 45-60 second video that explains the Gig like what is in the description AND (VERY IMPORTANT) have a graphic or point in the video where you can pause it and use that paused point as the thumbnail for your Gig in search results. If nothing else make a large custom thumbnail in photoshop and use it for the opening of the video.

On Youtube, you can upload your own custom thumbnail to use. Here on Fiverr it has to be some paused point on the video. So if your video has only you talking, then that is all it can/will show as a thumbnail. Without a thumbnail that is eye-catching and stands out with what your gig is and/or offering, then the video won’t matter because people will scan over it without clicking it in the search results.


In short - A good video about your services can lead to more sales :slight_smile:


its optional if you want then

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Thank you very much… :v::v:

It’s useful in such categories where your services matters.Like Video Editing,Web Service,Traffic.With Video engagement increases and it improves the gig ranking.But if you are in Graphic Field then it is big no as far as my experience.In Graphic Field your best of work should appear on your gig thumbnail which represent your ability.I had used video in One of my Graphic Gig.I didn’t got knock from any client for almost 8 month then one day I decided to pause the gig.But I don’t know why I edit the gig,I removed the videos and thumnails.And put only thumbnail which was a preview copy of my work done text no logo just an image which itself represented my gig title.
At present that gig is my best selling gig.

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