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Video in the Gig's Information

I published my first gig some time ago, and I’m waiting for the Fiverr’s staff to authorize the video to be published as well. Is it true that only the videos accepted are those in which you say “this gig is exclusive to the users of” or some variant of that at some point?


When I uploaded my first video, having read through the rules at that time it said that the video must mention at the end (either spoken or written) something like exclusively on Fiverr.

I assume this rule is there to make sure people don’t use fake, template or illegal videos, don’t break third-party terms, etc.


No, its not true you can post without any words.


@sparx_intros In case you haven’t seen or read the Fiverr support page:

“We recommend that you mention your Gig is exclusively sold on Fiverr.”

While you can leave it out, there’s probably a good reason why Fiverr recommends mentioning that :wink:

I hope this official Fiverr quote settles it, @eduardomguttler :wink: