Video is not playable


i uploaded gig preview video as per the terms and conditions of fiverr but whenever i click on play button of my video it gives an error the ‘video is not playable’ how can i solve this issue please help me


Hello Darshan,

Maybe system error, try again later If again there are problem discuss with CS. They will help you in this situation.



Maybe it’s blocked by an extension. Do you have any programms running?


Have you tried a different browser?


I get the same error when I click on your video (using both Firefox and Internet Explorer). Maybe it didn’t upload properly? Maybe it’s something to with the codec/filetype (is it .mp4 and h264 and a standard frame size and frame rate? if so, I’d just try re-uploading it - assuming the video plays fine on your PC before uploading). edit: though Fiverr says avi file type is also okay.


@uk1000 is right, checked it on my phone as well: “Video is not playable” so it definitely involves your settings and how you exported it.


As you say the video plays fine on my computer and it is in mp4 format, the size is 13 MB and i not used any copyright material for making this video. This time i will upload it again and hope everything will fine


thanks to all of you the video is now working properly … thanks again guys… :slight_smile: