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Video/ Logo animation templates

Hi there, I’m not quite sure if this is the right category for what I’m about to discuss or not. But here it goes anyways:

So I started out on Fiverr a while ago. I made a few gigs around and started wandering around every corner of the platform. For several reasons (One of them being the fact that I’m an observant person in general) I started digging deep into some top rated and successful gigs in my own sub category, Which is Logo animations and video intro/ Outro sets. I would watch their videos, Read their description and reviews.

Something started getting my attention. Over a course of few days, I came across some top rated mass producing creators (Sellers) that advertise making original logo animations for their customers. For some reason, Most of them strictly mention that they will not be using overused templates and they have a lot of experience in this field. Yet every single video showcase is the same on each one of these sellers gig pages (Considering that it’s not the same person using multiple accounts.)

I know how I sound like when I ask a question like this, But don’t get me wrong. My point is not to question the work and efforts of successful sellers, But to figure out whether it’s worth putting my time to make my own work and try to sell it, Or to go with the “Mass Producing” style, Which most of the buyers seem to like more as well.

Any ideas?

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I’m for putting your time into your own work as it will stand out from crowd more; especially for those buyers looking for something different and unique.

I think you have a point. I got my first customer today. The worst part is that I answered him 4 hours late. Now I’m not sure if he’s gonna answer. I might have a panic attack.

It depends on their time zone. Once had a buyer that took 2 days to responds because they were on the other side of the world.

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I can relate to this since I am from same niche.
The problem is that new sellers see templates as a bad thing because they see it as not original or authentic work.I used to think the same three to four months ago when I was totally a beginner at Adobe AfterEffects.

The thing is that templates,scripts,plugins are a great time saver when it comes to motion graphics and animation.You can do three days of work within three hours if you have the right script/plugin/template.

I suggest you to not focus on templates/plugins/scripts for now and just learn the basics of Adobe After Effects and Illustrator.You can add photoshop to it or more but After Effects and Illustrator are compulsory.

Give One month to Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe After Effects will require more than a month to grasp its fundamentals.I know there are videos on the internet that say we can teach you after effects in 5 mins or 30 mins but that is not true.
Adobe AfterEffects is not so easy to learn for a beginner and it requires patience,time and effort.Serious commitment to it.

The perk is that not many people are skilled with After Effects and if you are skilled with after effects you can easily do hours of work within minutes using shortcuts and combinations and other things.there are also more well paying jobs for it.

I don’t count myself a beginner anymore as I have seriously studied it for five to six months now.

I can even play around with advance stuff like duik bassel rigging.Templates are not a worry for me now.I know I can easily understand and customize or even resurrect them if I have to.
you know it takes time and commitment and as the saying goes “you reap what you sow”,you will get the reward in the end.

Hope this helped :grinning:


Yep, I can relate to this. I moved to AE from hitfilm, Although the UI looks straightforward and kinda similar to hitfilm, It still takes some getting used to. I’ve started investing those tools to speed up my workflow, Although I try to use them with caution. Overall, Thanks for the helpful advice.

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