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Video making platform suggestions

Hello everyone,

I’m pretty new to Fiverr and have decided to make videos for my first 2 gigs.

I have found Adobe Spark, which seems ok. However, their free version comes with their watermark in the bottom right corner of the screen.

According to Fiverr rules this is not allowed?

Do you have any other suggestions for a free video making service? What did you use to make your gig videos?

Thank you.

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I actually use whiteboard animations video software…I make those myself…for all my gig…after that i use other tools to add intro and edit audio…:):slightly_smiling_face:

I use movavi video software…& there are lots of whiteboard video making software available in the internet. You can use trial version of those.

You can watch my gig videos to get an idea about those software by visiting my profile…

I movie - it comes with a MacBook Pro. It’s free.

I was trained on Final Cut Pro when I was in film school. I currently use Adobe Premiere. Adobe is not free.

Use biteable to create videos for gig…then upload it to YouTube… download from YouTube and upload it to Fiverr gig…It has two watermarks but Fiverr approves it
You can check out this gig for proof…

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Best of luck!